"Country Santa" brings Battle Creek woman to tears with generosity

'Country Santa' brings Battle Creek woman to tears. (WWMT/Ray Hole)

A woman in Battle Creek was embraced by the true meaning of the holiday spirit after she went to pay her layaway off at Walmart.

"This gentleman says 'excuse me are you paying on a layaway' I told him I was getting one out. He insisted on paying for it and I told him no. Next thing I know he's throwing money down onto the counter," said the woman who wishes to remain anonymous but wants to share her story with others.

She said the man was waiting near layaway to help others, but didn't stop at just paying her layaway bill.

"I was walking out of the building he said 'Here take this and buy your kids something nice.' He proceeded to hand me a $100. He shoved it in one of my grocery bags and I started bawling again and gave him a hug and he said 'don't cry, don't cry' just like that," she said.

She said the only thing she knows about the man is that he has provided a public service to Battle Creek for many years.

"This just restored that faith in humanity that there are still good people out there. There is still the Christmas spirit out there. He looks like a country man, he's the Country Santa," she said.

Fire Chief Brian Sturdivant said it's a great example of how Battle Creek comes together.

"It says a lot as the community of Battle Creek is looking to support the people of Battle Creek," said Sturdivant.

Sturdivant said the acts speak volumes and he can't thank the gentleman enough.

"Please continue with your open heart and willingness to help our community," Sturdivant said.

A great reminder of the true meaning of holiday spirit. A little help goes a long ways.

She said this man made a large impact on her family's life this year and she'll never forget the act of kindness.

"Have faith, have peace because without inner peace you'll never be happy. This man, this Country Santa has the true meaning of inner peace and Christmas spirit," the woman said.