Coldwater police say man used BB gun to rack up more than $15,000 in damage to windows

bb gun damage IMG_6048.jpg
Coldwater police say man used BB gun to rack up thousands in damage. (WWMT/Coldwater Police Department)

The Coldwater Police Department asked for charges against a man believed to have used a BB gun during a string of vandalism which date to November 2018.

Ricky Dale Cox II, 44, from Quincy, was named as a suspect in at least 22 cases of malicious destruction of property across Branch County.

The shattered glass left from broken RV windows at Haylett Auto and RV Supercenter raised many questions for the staff. Josh Winters, an RV specialist at Haylet Auto and RV Supercenter, has just one.

"Was it worth it? You know, going out and being a little BB gun bandit. Was it really, was it worth the fun? Where you find yourself now? And I don't think any reasonable person says 'yes,'" said Winters.

Police started receiving complaints of shattered or cracked windows in November.

Coldwater Deputy Director of Public Safety Joe Scheid said it got to the point where every few days, someone called and said their windows were shot out.

"We decided it was coming from a BB gun, and they were shooting everything from automobile windows to residential and commercial," Scheid said.

A tip led police to a man who was already in jail on an unrelated charge. Police said Cox admitted to at least some of the 22 cases of malicious destruction of property.

"He never really had no clear decisive motive, other than kind of under the influence of drugs, and wanted something to do," Scheid said.

Police estimate the damage to be at least $15,000.

The department requested the prosecutor authorize charges in all 22 cases. So far, police said the prosecutor has authorized charges in three of the cases, including the broken windows at Haylett Auto and RV Supercenter.

"There's a very significant dollar value associated with that. A lot of people want to say, we'll, you know, doesn't insurance cover that kind of thing? And it does to a point, but you still have to absorb some of that," Winters said.

Cox has also been named as a suspect in similar cases in Quincy and eastern Branch County.

Police said the district judge set bond for Cox at $50,000 for each case.

Coldwater Police said it was an ongoing investigation and they would continue to work with Michigan State Police and Quincy Police Department.

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