Branch County Prosecutor Ralph Kimble facing disbarment

Kimble graphic.png
Branch County prosecutor is under fire amid sexual harassment complaints. (WWMT)

EDITOR'S NOTE: This article contains language that is not appropriate for all audiences.

Embattled Branch County Prosecutor Ralph Kimble will face a panel of his peers after the Michigan’s Attorney Grievance Commission filed seven charges of misconduct against him.

Kimble’s discipline will be doled out at a hearing in June.

In a 14-page report, investigators lay out the allegations of sexual harassment against Kimble.

Kimble is accused of openly talking about his genitalia, calling himself “Little Ralphie.” In another account, Kimble allegedly offered to buy a female employee’s underwear for $50. The report also details Kimble allegedly discussing his sex life in the workplace and propositioning female employees for sexual relations.

Kimble’s discipline could range from reprimand to disbarment and the loss of his law license.

When the I-Team caught up with Kimble in February, he denied the allegations.

"I have done no wrongdoing in office. I have not threatened or retaliated against anyone,” said Kimble.

Kimble’s hearing is set for June 25 and he has been barred from interacting with female employees at the Branch County courthouse unless a deputy is present.