Black Rock Medieval Festival underway in Augusta

Black Rock Medieval Festival underway in Augusta

AUGUSTA, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - Step back to a time full of jousting--and medieval entertainment!

It's the Black Rock Festival at the Olde World Village, in Augusta.

The festival started in 2012, and has grown into Michigan's second largest renaissance-type event.

For five weekends, folks get a chance to experience what the world was like hundreds of years ago!

From turkey legs to full sword combat, there is something for every age.

"Honestly, the best feeling is seeing the faces. When the families get to come in and the kids get to see this for the first time, there is a spark that makes all of this so worth it," said Olde World Village General Manager Michael Quhn.

You can still catch all the action for the next three weekends.