Bicyclist hit by car at intersection in Portage urges driver and bikers to watch out

Bike Car Ax Pic.JPG
Guthrie's camera caught the moments of impact.{ } (WWMT/Still frame of video provided by Paul Guthrie)

An evening bike ride turned scary for a Portage resident when he was rear ended by an SUV and the bicyclist had a message for the driver: watch out.

Paul Guthrie said he bikes to and from work in downtown Kalamazoo. He said he can easily clock in over 100 miles during an average week. He said he was at the intersection of Kilgore Road and Lovers Lane on Tuesday afternoon.

“I was going through that intersection like I’ve done a thousand times at least on my bike. I came up to the stop light and all of a sudden, I had this I had this tremendous bang from behind,” Guthrie said.

The driver of an SUV hit him while the no-turn-on-red light was on.

Guthrie said, “I turn around and there is this guy in a black Equinox furiously shaking his hands yelling and screaming. I was just shocked.”

He said once the light turned green he hurried to safety to call police. The driver in the video kept going.

Once police arrived on the scene he turned the video over to them.

Guthrie said that bikers in the community constantly have run-ins at the intersection. He said a prior crash with a driver left him unconscious, which prompted him to install security cameras on his bike and helmet.

Guthrie said, “I think we should just have everybody on the road respect everybody else. Everybody follow the laws that goes from bicyclist too.”

The lingering question for him from the incident on Tuesday is to know why the driver hit him.

“It’s not a normal thing to do in our society, to take a car the weighs 4,000 pounds and run it into a 30-pound bike,” said Guthrie

He said he was pretty shaken up. He says he is OK, but it damaged his bike. He wants the driver to turn himself in.

Guthrie said the police are investigating the incident.