Battle Creek police still searching for suspect in attempted abduction


Battle Creek Police are looking for a male suspect involved in the attempted abduction of a 10-year-old boy Friday.

The boy told police he was outside playing when a man dressed in dark clothing and a ski mask grabbed him.

"The kids are scared to death," said Caryl Keagle, who lives next door to the boy and his family on the 100 block of Winter St.

A motion activated security camera that overlooks her driveway shows the boy playing basketball around 5 p.m. Friday. Less than two hours later, the boy said someone tried to kidnap him from the backyard.

"Someone tried to abduct him, the guy was in a ski mask," Keagle said.

She was not home when the abduction was reported around 7 p.m. Friday and showed Newschannel 3 no video was recorded after 6 p.m. because at that time it was too dark to active the motion sensors.

Keagle said the child's mother took her younger kids to the store while the 10-year-old stayed back at a friend's house two doors down.

"He forgot something and went home to get it and that's when the guy was in the backyard and that's when he tried to grab him," Keagle said.

The 10-year-old told police he bit down on the suspect's arm to break free and ran back to his friend's house for help.

Battle Creek Police secured a perimeter around the neighborhood and sent out a K-9 unit but no suspect was found.

"We are scared to have our child come out and play," said Kody Jenkins, who lives on Winter St.

He is not keeping his 4-year-old daughter inside and teaching her to fight back, like the boy who lives up the street did.

Jenkins detailed the lessons he's teaching his daughter.

"First thing you do is scream for help, scream and loud as you can and try to hit, just hit anywhere," he said.

Battle Creek Police ask anyone with information to come forward.

Investigators said there were some inconsistencies in the 10-year-old's initial statement to police, but add that's not unusual after a traumatic encounter.

Police went back out Monday to re-interview the boy and look for clues in the video captured by security cameras next door.