Woman charged with drunken driving in Battle Creek had four children in the car

Alleged drunken driver in Battle Creek had 4 children in the car.{ } (WWMT Jason Heeres)

A 30-year-old Battle Creek woman was arrested over the weekend on a charge of driving while intoxicated with four children in the car.

Two of the children were under the age of 5.

Battle Creek police said the woman's blood alcohol content, as tested by a Breathalyzer, was nearly four times the legal limit at 9:30 a.m. Saturday.

The woman was arrested after police responded to a crash near the corner of Meachem and Battle Creek avenues in Battle Creek.

Connie Mosier lives at that corner, and her front yard was the scene of a crash Saturday morning. Mosier called 911.

“You can see the bark is off the tree where she hit it a little bit, and then she got it straightened out and ran right over there into that pole,” Mosier said.

Even after the woman hit the tree, Mosier said, she was stepping on the gas pedal trying to continue .

Battle Creek Police Officer Stephen Herbstreith was one of the first on the scene, and said the children in the car where 1 , 4, 11 and 14 years old.

He said their mother was visibly intoxicated, so much so that he couldn’t conduct a field sobriety test.

“Very slow and lethargic," Herbstreith said. "She was off balance. I had to help her walk down the sidewalk. I had to sit her down on the sidewalk so she didn’t fall over.”

Herbstreith said the 14-year-old told him the young children were in car seats, but Mosier doesn’t think so.

“The babies are all standing up in the car screaming, hollering ‘Mom stop. Mom stop’,” Mosier said. “They tried to say they were in car seats and such, but there’s no way they were in car seats because they all were standing up.”

Mosier said when the woman got out of the car she couldn’t stand up, and her children had to help her get to a house down the street.

Police said everyone made apparently made it out of the car OK because the woman was driving slow.

“It’s just awful,” Mosier said. “No one should drink and drive with their children. Actually you shouldn’t drink and drive period.”

Battle Creek police said the woman does have a history with the Michigan Department of Child Protective Services, and was just given back custody rights of her children.

The woman was initially arrested for operating while intoxicated but was later released. Investigators are awaiting the results of a blood test from the Michigan State Police lab. Once those come back the woman is expected to be arraigned and charged.