AG Bill Schuette officially announces campaign for governor

AG Bill Schuette officially announces campaign for governor

MIDLAND, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette has officially announced that he is running for governor.

"My one goal, my one singular ambition, is to make Michigan a growth state, paycheck state, job state, and to achieve this...we must have a jobs governor," he said Tuesday evening.

The republican made his long awaited announcement Tuesday at the barbecue he holds every year in his hometown of Midland.

Calling himself "the jobs governor," Schuette pledged to cut taxes, raise wages, and lower car insurance rates for Michigan families.

"The Michigan I know must be about big hopes and big aspirations, and we can't settle for second best," he said. "2018 won't be easy, and you better have your strongest, toughest Jedi knight. I'm like Obi Wan Kenobi, I'm our only hope."

AG Schuette joins a crowded republican race for governor, which includes State Senator Patrick Colbeck, Jim Hines, and very likely Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley--who hasn't yet announced his candidacy.

On the democratic side, former State Senator Gretchen Whitmer, businessmen Bill Cobbs and Shri Thanedar, and Doctor Abdul El-Sayed have all announced their campaigns for governor.

The Whitmer campaign released a statement Tuesday night regarding Schuette's announcement:

When the people of Michigan have needed a fighter, they've turned to Gretchen Whitmer because she has spent her career fearlessly taking on the status quo to put the people first, while Bill Schuette has put special interests and his own political gain ahead of peoples' lives. Whitmer continues to mobilize people across this state to take on our toughest challenges, so that everyone has a path to a better job, our kids get the education they deserve, and our government works for the people.

The Abdul El-Sayed campaign also released a statement Tuesday:

People like Bill Schuette are the reason I am running for Governor. Too often, we surrender our future to the whims of self-interested politicians like him who sell us out for their power. They see nothing bigger than their own ambitions.
Over his years as a politician, he has consistently stood against the basic rights and dignities of Michigan's people. He was on the front lines in the fight against LGBT rights and fought tooth-and-nail to prevent Michiganders from receiving affordable healthcare through the Affordable Care Act. While I fought to get Detroit Public School students glasses so that they could see the blackboard, he argued that those same students in Detroit don't have a right to basic literacy. I do not trust him to serve real Michiganders when he is bought and sold by the likes of Betsy DeVos, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Dow Chemical, and Walmart--who have lined his pockets for years.
We need to be serious about putting forward a candidate who can beat Bill Schuette. That must be a candidate who leads with values and has a track record of solving real problems for real people. We need a public servant, not another politician paid off by the same corporations who will fund Schuette.
That's why we are going around the state on our second Listening Tour, sharing conversations with communities and making sure we are building the kind of movement that reminds us what's best in government. That's the path to victory in 2018.