Aftermath of high winds, flooding causes some in Saugatuck to change holiday plans

The aftermath of high winds, flooding causes some in Saugatuck to change holiday plans. (WWMT / Alexis Berdine).{ }

High winds slammed the shore of Lake Michigan on Wednesday night causing flooding and power outages up and down the lakeshore.

People in Saugatuck said their Thanksgiving plans were ruined by floodwaters and power outages from Nov. 27, 2019.

"A lot of friends who have businesses along the lakeshore are cleaning up the water damage," Cindy Korf said.

Korf said she's lived in the area for 17-years and she's never seen this much flooding.

A spokesperson for the National Weather Service said there was a lakeshore flood warning for the area Wednesday. The warning was issued because of strong winds coming from the west and southwest in addition to high water levels. Now that winds are coming from the north, there is no longer a flood warning. The spokesperson said winds in the area have significantly diminished so no additional water will be pushed into the area.

Adam Dejong said he drove up from Chicago to spend the holiday with his family. His mom told him the waves from the river she lives along were crashing up against her condo Wednesday and she was scared.

He said when he got to his parent's condo, he realized there was no way to get to them.

A portion of the parking lot was flooded by a pond that overflowed. He said his mom was able to get out using her SUV, but his dad had to stay back to make sure the condo did not flood. Dejong said his car would not make it through the water.

He said the power was out at his parent's condo.

"(The) generators are on, and we're trying to get the food out for Thanksgiving dinner," Dejong said.

Kelly Romero said her power never went out, but floodwaters came close to her home Wednesday night.

"The water was all the way up, like a stream," Romero said. "It was crazy, I've never seen that before."

The National Weather Service said it advises people not to drive through any street that is flooded.

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