After two years at a veterinary office, dog needs prosthetics and a home for Christmas

After two years at a veterinary office, dog needs prosthetics and a home for Christmas.

A dog in Branch County is hoping for a Christmas miracle after living in a veterinary office for two years, he needs a home and a family to help care for his severe injuries.

The veterinary staff at Bronson Veterinary Services in Coldwater says they’ve never seen a dog fight this hard to live and thrive.

His name makes you wonder about his personality, but 4-year-old Diablo is an angel on four legs.

“He’s just so full of life,” said Sally Geer from Animal Aid of Branch County. “Even after everything he’s been through he’s just like, let’s play!”

Unfortunately for Diablo, keeping all four of his legs is not in his future. It’s likely two of them will have to be amputated because of a severe injuries after being hit by a car two years ago. The injury left Diablo with a back left leg that’s useless and a front left leg with a sore that will never heal.

“He really almost died. He was very ill,” said Dr. Joanna Bronson.

Since being surrendered by his owners, Bronson Veterinary Services has performed surgery after surgery and tried countless treatments to save Diablo’s life. Bronson says her staff doesn’t do this for just any pet and that Diablo is an extraordinary animal.

“I just know that he has so much to give to people and he’s just an inspiration really for everybody,” Bronson said.

Through pokes and prods, Diablo smiles. Through the constant pain, he still wants to play.

Christmas Animal Aid of Branch County not only wants to raise money to pay for Diablo’s next set of surgeries, but they want to get him prosthetics too.

“In my heart it would be horrific to have to put him down because of his injuries,” Geer said. “That would be so wrong.”

“This is what we need to do for Diablo,” said Bronson. “And that’s our New Year’s wish.”

If you have room in your heart this holiday season, consider granting Diablo’s wish and donating to his care. Or, be the family that he can finally go home to. “He deserves a great life. He deserves that opportunity to live a real life,” said Geer.

Donations can be sent to Animal Aid of Branch County at: 217 N. Fiske Rd, Coldwater, MI 49036. You can also donate through the organization’s Facebook page here. AABC also has a website where donations can be made.

Bronson Veterinary Service is also accepting donations for Diablo.