Sudden buckling creates a leaning silo of Vicksburg near Kalamazoo County farm

A grain silo buckled Thursday, May 24, 2018, in Vicksburg, pouring grain and dust onto the ground at its base. (WWMT/Matt Loughrin)

No one injured, but a sudden buckle in a silo, sent grain spilling and has the owners scratching their head over what do to next.

The silo buckled on one side Thursday, leaving it leaning over from about half way up and grain all over the ground at the bottom.

The Kalamazoo County Fire Department responded, and cordoned off the area while there was a determination on the stability of the structure.

After the grain settled, the fire department turned the incident management over to the owners, H&H Silo, who will need to find a way to dismantle the structure.

The fire department battalion chief said it's a good thing the silo didn't completely collapse, because the grain dust could have filled people's lungs.