Flint residents get sneak peek of new Michael Moore film, state responds

Flint residents got a sneak peek of the new Michael Moore film Monday evening. (Amanda Chodnicki)

Filmmaker and Flint native Michael Moore came home to give people a sneak peek of his new documentary Fahrenheit 11/9 at The Whiting.

The film not only focuses on how President Donald Trump made his way into the White House, but highlights the on-going Flint Water Crisis.

In the film, Moore talked with a whistleblower who held state officials accountable.

Doctor Moana Hannah-Attisha, whose research exposed the Flint Water Crisis, said she believes this film will give Flint residents hope.

“This movie is a way to bring the spotlight back on Flint in the way people are reminded that Flint is an ongoing crisis,” she said. “This is another way to tell that story.”

Flint mother Ariana Hawk called Moore’s film a blessing.

She said she believes it will show people what’s still happening in her city.

“Everybody thought that it was OK things were better,” Hawk said. “But when you see this movie, you’ll see that stuff’s still going on. We’re still fighting.”

At 2-years-old, her son Sincere Smith became one of the faces of the Flint Water Crisis after his face appeared on the cover of Time Magazine.

Now, at 5-years-old, Smith said he still gets rashes all over his body.

Hawk said it’s people like Moore who will help make a change.

“Thank you,” she said. “There aren’t enough thank you’s for what he’s doing and how hard he’s fighting for us.”

As far as the current administration, Hawk said she doesn’t have faith in them.

“Where are you at?” she asked. “You came, you saw, you heard and you still haven’t came back.”

In response to Moore’s film, Governor Rick Snyder’s Director of Communications, Ari Adler, released the following statement:

If Mr. Moore truly wanted to help, he would produce a film on how the people of Flint could benefit from economic development and job creation rather than spreading misinformation that will only drive away investment and growth from the city. Folks in Flint need jobs, not theatrics.

For those who missed the sneak peek, it will be officially released nationwide September 21.