Barry County Road Commission plows prepare for winter-like weather

Barry County Installing Plow Blades.jpg
Barry County Installing Plow Blades. (Jorge Rodas/WWMT)

Crews with the Barry County Road Commission spent Thursday preparing their trucks for the snow.

Scott Schantz, lead mechanic, said he and his colleagues have spent the last several weeks outfitting 23 trucks for winter use.

“It’s quite a feat," Schantz said.

Barry County Road Commission Director of Operations Jake Welch said it can take more than three hours to get just one truck ready to handle snow.

“We’re hanging out wings on there so that we can get a wider path and clear the road off faster," Schantz said. "We’re making sure all the extra lighting and stuff we have to have on there, making sure all of our tires have good treat and everything so we’re getting the traction we needs."

Welch said his team is pumped to tackle winter-like weather in October.

“I think the public values our road plowing more than they value anything else that we do, so there’s a little bit of excitement with that," Welch said. “I mean there’s a little bit anxiety, too, because we know we’re gonna be stuck in trucks for the next three months of their lives plowing in bad conditions.”

"It’s what we live for," said assistant superintendent B.J. Donnini.

Donnini said the road commission will have at least 18 trucks on the road, and could have more depending on the weather event.

Welch said his team will likely start clearing roads at 6 a.m. Friday, Nov. 1, but if snowfall totals are higher than four inches, the teams could be out as early as 4 a.m. on the roads.

“Whether it’s emergency services - police, fire, ambulance - they all rely to access places based on our job performance," he said. “I do know all these guys take a lot of pride keeping the roads clean for our community, for sure.”